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Shibori Short Dainty Day Earrings

Shibori Short Dainty Day Earrings


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Twenty-Two West......???

It’s the maker's  address of the home where she grew up and discovered the love of creating through the women who loved it before her. 

Tiffany's goal is to be in direct contrast to mass production by creating artisan jewelry and home décor that inspires.

 At Twenty Two West they believe that art brings joy to your life - whether you are wearing it, sharing it, or adding it to your home.

The moment Tiffany walks into the studio door she feels a rush of anticipation and excitement to create. 

Each piece is a visual reminder of how perfectly wonderful it is to be artful, resilient, and kind.

The happiness that comes from creating is truly unmatched. She hopes this little part of our creative days in the studio makes your days and home brighter.

Made in Charlotte North Carolina

Gold Filled Wire or Sterling Silver Wire