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Speckled Planter

Speckled Planter


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Amy Lowery is what you'd call an accidental potter!  She'd spent her entire adult work life in the non-profit/ministry sector.  She helped marginalized students gain access to funding for college.  She built homes for families in Mexico for 10 years. She traveled to 40+ countries taking supplies for school children.  

She decided to take a pottery class.  Surprisingly, she fell in love with it.  Deeply, head over heels in love with it.  It's been a funny and unexpected  journey, and she has finally taken the leap to full-time potter.  

It's a far cry from the work she used to do, but she thinks there is great value in the arts.  she thinks creativity and beauty have the ability to light the world up.  She loves that her studio is a place that people can feel nurtured and inspired, and that her pieces evoke emotion in the recipients.

Her philosophy is to make pieces that she loves, and that speak to my aesthetic, and hope that they might speak to other people as well.  

From Hickory North Carolina Tiny Hands Pottery