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Restaurant Passport

Restaurant Passport


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Letterfolk is a contemporary American brand, dedicated to creating meaningful products inspired by simpler times, combining form and function. At the core of every Letterfolk product is their passion to design premium products that tell a story, that create experiences, that pull you off of your device and into the physical world.

Their mission is to design reusable products that matter. Letterfolk began as an idea for a modern twist on a letterboard-inspired by the grooved felt letterboards of yesteryear that were used as diner menu boards, church directories and class photo signage. They ultimately designed a modern letterboard, tailored and repurposed for today’s home.

 All of their products are made with premium materials, craftsmanship and processes. We strive to design meaningful products worthy of the stories they’ll tell. And there is no greater satisfaction than knowing that they’ve found a place in our customers’ homes.

Designed to capture and encourage experiences, each passport contains 20 entry logs with relevant form fields to help capture meaningful details of each theme-specific experience. Specs: acid-free 60lb text, stippled cover, foil stamped, center-sewn binding. Size: 3.5” x 5.5”
Made in United States of America