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Recycled Glass Rings Sterling Silver Plated Pewter

Recycled Glass Rings Sterling Silver Plated Pewter


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Kathleen's "keep it simple" philosophy shows in her minimalistic jewelry style design. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, where you’ll find her every day in her studio, tinkering and creating, and hitting the occasional dumpster at night.

Bottles are collected from the bars, restaurants, friends, and dumpsters (really!) and transformed into the ultimate "cocktail" ring in our studio. Sterling silver plated pewter. Glass approximately .75 inch by .75 inch square.

*Adjustable band for custom fit size 4-8
*Matte finish brings out the color
*Chunky glass for ultimate wow factor

  • Aqua is from a Bombay Sapphire bottle
  • Cobalt is from a vodka bottle
  • Pine is from a red wine bottle
  • Antique clear is from a soda bottle
  • Periwinkle is from a sake bottle 

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