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NOOMA is a certified B Corp that makes healthy, certified organic workout drinks using real ingredients and no added sugar.

NOOMA was founded by Brandon & Jarred Smith, AKA the NOOMA Bros, in Cleveland, Ohio. Since day one, our company been committed to providing the highest quality products to fuel workouts and active lifestyles.

They made it their mission to combine the science of sports nutrition with high-quality, functional ingredients in a way no company has ever done before. The NOOMA journey began when Brandon & Jarred, both professional hockey players, could no longer stand the sugar-packed, artificial sports drinks they'd been given their entire lives. The sports nutrition world made no sense - they were competing at the highest level, yet they were given products based on big corporate partnerships, not what was actually good for them.

They decided to follow a different set of rules, to use only organic, plant-based, and real ingredients - and no added sugar - to make products that taste great and actually work. Simultaneously, they set out to build a company that made a positive impact on the world. That’s why NOOMA is proud to be a certified B Corp.

We have a Sweat + Do Good division of our company, we're integrated in fitness communities across the country, and our team is full of people who share our core values. All of this helps us achieve our ultimate goal of helping and empowering people to be the best, healthiest versions of themselves.

An organic hydration mix powder optimized for rapid hydration, made with real ingredients, and boosted with adaptogens. Each convenient stick pack contains 25 calories, no added sugar, and is naturally packed with electrolytes. This is the non-caffeinated option. Mix with 16-24oz of cold water to enjoy.