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Magic Santa

Magic Santa


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Christmas is this maker's favorite time of year. Eclectically Essential has created a Santa kit to make your child's Christmas Magical. 

Kit includes:

Santa Footprint- this wood cut out of Santa's shoe can be used easily to leave evidence behind of his footprint by sprinkling either baking soda over the cutout then lifting to reveal his Magical footprint

Reindeer Food- Create a memory by sprinkling this food outside so you are enticing the reindeer to stop at your house.

Santa's Magic Key- The most important element in the kit. It only took a few injuries from fires to realize, maybe the front door is a better way to come in your house. So, how does he have a key to get in? Eclectically Essential work hard to achieve ever detail necessary to make this lock and key come to life with color. Hang the lock and key on your front door Christmas Eve so Santa can easily enter.