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Love Dealer Hooded Zip Fleece

Love Dealer Hooded Zip Fleece


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Picasso Jasper is an itty, bitty dream come true, located just south of Boston. They design & hand print fun, fitness & yoga inspired clothing for you & the mini! Our goal is to create fun- comfortable pieces with flattering fits for sizes XS-XXL & youth sizes.   Picasso Jasper launched is a ton of work but so fun! Melisa is lucky enough to have a supportive husband & a few assistant. Her favorite part about this journey is meeting amazing people.


Picasso Jasper is a stone that inspires us to live each day to the fullest…. we only have ONE LIFETIME. ONE LIFETIME to share with our most precious loves…. ONE LIFETIME and that's just not enough. The Picasso Jasper woman loves life, appreciates every moment as special and is thankful for every blessing. We are positive, like-minded and supportive women who find the humor in life! We recognize each day as a gift, each experience as a teaching. We are always a student-- evolving, creating, recreating….