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Le Chat Gris Ring

Le Chat Gris Ring


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An enduring puzzlement to us is why we find so many Victorian buttons with dogs on them, and so few with cats. Were cat lovers not as numerous as dog lovers in the 1890s?! Thus we were thrilled to discover a vintage cat button mold in an ancient Czech button factory, and immediately ordered this handsome fellow in grey glass. This distinctive button was hand-pressed in an antique iron mold and manufactured using centuries-old processes. It was molded by one of the few remaining Czech glass button pressers at work today, and then painstakingly trimmed and painted by hand. In this piece: Modern grey glass button hand-pressed in the Czech Republic in antique molds Brass stamping base made today in the USA with vintage dies Adjustable band

Grandmother’s Buttons handcrafts women’s jewelry from antique buttons and vintage glass in St. Francisville, Louisiana.