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Humorous Magnets

Humorous Magnets


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Fly Paper Products literary and grammar themed stationery and gifts speak to many book lovers, grammar geeks and lovers of nostalgic images. Their vintage book and grammar themed products are sold in many museum shops, library gift shops, book stores, college bookshops and stationery stores throughout the United States.

Hope's love of books, libraries and fond memories of her childhood were the inspiration behind her designs. The sayings and nostalgic images they use speak to people of multiple generations. Hope started making greeting cards in 2002, after her son was born and she was looking for a home based business while he was young.

Business steadily grew from her kitchen to her basement and in 2008, she had a small team of 'Mom's' packaging and fulfilling orders. They worked 'child friendly hours' which meant that they came to work after they dropped their kids off at school and left when it was time to pick them up. This business model worked well for all of them, as they know how hard it is to work and raise a family!

Fast forward to present day and they now work out of a 2,000 sq ft office with an attached warehouse for storing our pallets of coffee mugs and barware! They still have some Mom's that work with them and they still have a flexible schedule to better manage their family life.

Their fun fridge magnets are made with a rigid metal material with a clear mylar protective U/V covering, so the magnet will never fade in color. A large super strong flat magnet is on the backside, to hold multiple pieces of paper to any metal surface. Dimensions: 3" x 2" They make all of the magnets in our Ann Arbor, MI studios and the materials are all Made In the USA.
Made in United States of America