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Fun Kitchen Towels

Fun Kitchen Towels


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Erin, at Kitch Studios, believes that buying something hand crafted & unique is something rare and beautiful in our current retail climate and she is proud to be a part of that.

Kitch was inspired by Erin's love for kitchen and home accessories, and by the idea that you don't have to re-do an entire room to freshen it up. A few well placed items using bold design can make over a space without breaking the bank.

Erin wants people to be downright GIDDY over the new little tea towel or blanket that they just placed in their home! The kind of happiness that makes them walk back into the room just to see it again ... And that is what she strives to achieve with my Kitch shop - beautiful and unique pieces that are thoughtfully hand crafted, and make you just a little happier :)

Every piece is designed, imprinted, folded and packaged by Erin and her husband in Buffalo, NY.