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Demi Crescent Necklace- Vintage tiny Flowers Imagery

Demi Crescent Necklace- Vintage tiny Flowers Imagery


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vintage imagery/resin 1.5" silver ox bezel, 6mm silver ox plated stainless steel chain, 22" long. This feminine & funky demi crescent shaped pendant necklace is a fan favorite. Minimalist and lovely, my new spring collection expands on this style with a whimsical floral ‘spray’ illustration culled from vintage playing card graphics.

Each pendant honors the lyrical and painterly watercolor style and vibrant pastel colorways from the original materials used, which are original playing cards! Vintage graphics are sealed and presented under layers of jewelry grade resin that serves to protect and to provide a lovely magnification.

A delicate but strong silver figaro style chain at 22" long makes an elegant statement alone or serves as a perfect length to layer beautifully with other pieces. Each pendant is one-of-a-kind and will slightly vary from what you see here due to individual cropping. 

Susan finds beauty in asymmetry and imperfection. Her home and studio are in a Civil War era farmhouse and barn that provide a daily dose of history and creative curiosity. Most of the materials that Susan uses for joeyfivecents are sourced from local flea markets and she thrives on that connection between history and the present. 

Made in United States in Doylestown, Pennsylvania by Joeyfivecents