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Copper Crescent Earrings

Copper Crescent Earrings


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Hand sawed crescent earrings given a beautiful patina. Earrings hang 1.75" and crescents are about 1" across. 14k gold dipped ear wires. Copper crescent with antique brass chain. Each crescent is hand sawed from sheet metal and given a unique salt and vinegar patina that is cured for one month and finished with eco-friendly sealant. Packaged on a lipped Beatrixbell earring card. Includes a sticker on the back of the card identifying metals and materials for your convenience

♥ Made in the USA, handcrafted in New Orleans. Gold dipped is the best alternative to solid gold, and that's why we use gold dipped metals in our jewelry designs. Our gold dipped components have 150-200 layers of pure solid gold over a base metal. Unlike gold plated metals, our gold withstands the test of time; it will not tarnish or wear off. It's great for sensitive skin because it has a high gold content and contains no nickel or other irritating alloys.