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Comic Wrapped Canvases

Comic Wrapped Canvases


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Local Artist Ed Williams has taken old originals to create these Comic Wrapped Canvases. Below are where the following Comics came from:

Marvel Team-Up Spider-Man and Dr. Strangelove Vol.1, No.50 October, 1976

Thing and Power Man Vol.1, No. 13 January, 1976

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. No.169 June,1977

Green Lantern Vol.2, No.5 January,1973

Swamp Thing Vol.4, No.20 Dec-Jan 1975/1976

Marvel Two-In-One The Thing and The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.,No.5, Sept.1974

Marvel Two-In-One The Thing and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.1,No.5, Sept 1974

Marvel Two-In-One The Thing and Nick Fury Vol.1,No.26 April, 1977