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Ceramic Water Frogs II

Ceramic Water Frogs II


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In the beginning of Walton Pots...... Back in his high school days when the rest of his classmates were taking college prep classes, Don signed up for Pottery 101 instead of a second year of a foreign language. After he married Susan he suggested that she join him in his clay making venture but showing her signature stubbornness, she quickly rejected the idea. Don knew not to push her so he used a different strategy and offered to teach Susan's sister how to work with clay. That did it! Don never taught Susan's sister and the rest is history. They are thankful to be able to make a living with their handmade pottery right here in the Jackson Springs, North Carolina USA. 

Susan’s newly revised flower frog (larger) that will fit on both standard and wide mouth canning jars. These beautifully decorated frogs make flower arranging very simple. They are made from a slab of clay and impressed with native flowers, sprigs and leaves. Fired twice and many steps are involved with the clay fossil technique. Susan starts with original plants. Lovely for fresh flowers or rooting cuttings such as ivy, etc. The perfect gift for any gardener or flower and plant lover. Because they are handmade you will see variations from piece to piece. That is part of the beauty of handmade!