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Cashmere Fingerless Gloves

Cashmere Fingerless Gloves


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Sardine Clothing Company started in 2008 with a sewing machine and one woman making kids clothing from thrift store finds. After a few years, it is still one woman (and friends!) and A LOT of sewing machines making fun “everyday favorite” clothing and accessories from even more thrift store finds.  Maryanne Petrus-Gilbert, the artist, is a little fishy.

She believes in reusing anything you can, and found my niche in re-purposing gently used clothing. She loves shuffling through the racks at my local thrift stores for t-shirts, cashmere, wool, and other articles of clothing that can be cut up and made into new, unique articles of clothing and accessories. She personally free-sews whimsical image appliqués on every item she produce, making each item a one-of-a-kind handmade work of art! Not only will you want to live in your Sardine Clothing Company's super soft up-cycled clothing, your purchase helps reduce how much textile waste ends up in landfills, which makes this a better planet!