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Asha Project - Kantha Throw Blanket

Asha Project - Kantha Throw Blanket


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Kantha is a traditional stitch done in West Bengal where line after line of thread is stitched across the length of a recycled saree material. Our Kantha stitched blankets are 5 layers of recycled saree. Our women meticulously sort through piles of sarees to find just the right ones to use for these blankets before layering them up to send to the women who will stitch them. These blankets are not only unique and colorful, but they are amazingly soft and empower the women who make them to help support their families!

Measurements: Approximately 3ft x 6 ft

Material: Recycled Saree Fabric - You will notice that your blanket is already well loved, displaying patches and small imperfections.