About Us

I’m Alice, and since I was a little girl I have been making gifts for the people I care about. My dream has always been to have a place where I share my passion.

Edenton NC has become that place. My husband, Rudy and I both retired from the Cincinnati's Finest Police Department to move southeast towards water and small town living. He has been my biggest supporter in this dream and has been instrumental in making it a reality I love my town and the people in the community. I hope to inspire and educate people to appreciate handmade and vintage treasures.

I started by curating pieces I found through a network of family run businesses. I try to personally meet all my vendors in person or by phone to insure I'm bringing you not only the best products but bring you a small piece of their story as well.

I look forward to meeting so many of you.

- The Gregarious Goose