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Embroidery Kits from Harvest Goods

Embroidery Kits from Harvest Goods


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Harvest Goods is a husband and wife duo with a love for Jesus, adoption, and handcrafted goods.

The vision for Harvest Goods began when Katie was pregnant with their first son and realized that she wanted to be a stay at home mom. She had always loved art, but as her son grew (and napped) it became one of her most beloved past times.

Upon finding out about their second son, Malachi, they also found out about their daughter, Pia. They had always had a huge desire to adopt but were in no way financially ready or preparing for it.

So they set to work and sold embroidery, leather goods, and custom watercolors to help pay for their adoption. They are so grateful for Their crafts that helped them to adopt their daughter and hope to continue to use it to help others adopt. 10% of their profits every month will go to a family who is in the process of adopting. They strongly believe in coming alongside their brothers and sisters and sharing the load to make this beautiful picture of the Gospel more easily attainable. Thank you for supporting their family and vision to support others, too!